The fragile, in conflict and post conflict countries, under the g7+, regret what is happening in Ukraine.

We have been following the development of this tragic event.  We see that the international community and the World Leaders, instead of doing everything to pursue constructive dialogue, showed military preparedness for the war.

We condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This invasion reminds us of the invasions of Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003. We have witnessed the West selling weapons to developing countries that result in killing of innocent children in places like Yemen and elsewhere. We always stated that the millions of refugees in Europe are the result of the conflicts promoted by the West in developing countries.

Having attained permanent Observer status at the United Nations, we support the call from UN Secretary General to immediate ceasefire in Ukraine.

For us the 20, fragile, conflict affected and post conflict countries from g7+, we are watching with sadness but also with hope that World Leaders can take these lessons in order to change their policies in regard to developing countries. We appeal for the open and constructive dialogue to put an end to the suffering of Ukrainian people. The World Leaders must put aside their strategic and hegemonic interest and give the PEACE a chance and raise the interest of the people who are suffering.

The g7+ wants to be the voice for the voiceless people. That is why we make this statement with the full confidence that our voice will be heard.


Dili, 28 February 2022

H.E Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão

Eminent Person of g7+