The g7+ stands in solidarity with the people around the world that have been affected by theoutbreak of Covid-19. Countries within the g7+ are not an exception to this unprecedented natural crisis. We support all of their efforts to address this pandemic and wish for immediate recovery of the affected people and a quick return to their normal lives.

While the needed response of countries around the world has been shutting borders, the exponential propagation of COVID-19 shows that global cooperation is needed to curb the pandemic. No country alone can tackle this crisis and hence we need human solidarity more than ever.

Countries affected by conflict and fragility are more prone to its adverse impact. It is not only the pandemic that has endangered the lives of people of these countries but the
economic and social consequences of measures taken will impact the wellbeing these Nations more than others. With the already constrained institutional capacity, these
countries need immediate assistance to enable them to curb the pandemic and its impact.

The g7+ joins the call of the UN Secretary-General for an immediate ceasefire all over the world. We call upon the actors to conflict in our countries to put an immediate end to wars and instead, join hands to save our Nations. With its devastating impact on the precious lives of human beings, the pandemic is a test of our love and care for humanity. We all need to win over our common enemy which at this time is COVID-19.
The g7+ is exploring possible ways to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, expertise and support in public health to help our members curb the spread of the coronavirus. It is
already working with some partners to mobilize their support.

In this moment of difficulty, we reiterate our commitment to restoring peace, prosperity and development founded on solidarity, care for humanity and care for our planet.