Executive Summary;

2019 represents a number of significant milestones achieved by the g7+. This includes the attainment of Observer Status at the UN, a critical step reflecting broad recognition of the work of g7+. This will not only enhance the profile of g7+ principles but will also provide opportunity to pursue our collective priorities with greater impact. Fragile-to-Fragile cooperation is gaining more traction and the g7+ has forged new partnerships with non-member countries and entities to learn from diverse experiences in the areas of Peacebuilding and development.

The g7+ Secretariat finalized a Partnership MoU with the Rwanda Cooperation Initiatives (RCI), to allow for the exchange of tangible experiences between Rwanda and the g7+. Advocacy efforts have resulted in the elevation and broad recognition of g7+ principles. The Group of

Seven (G7), including Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States, recognized the importance of peer learning and the g7+ Fragile-to-Fragile Cooperation in a declaration on “tackling fragilities and preventing crises in developing countries” during its 45th summit.

With increasing recognition of the importance of access to justice in conflict affected countries, the g7+ held a Justice Ministerial Meeting in Hague, that resulted in collective commitments expressed in a joint action plan. The action plan will guide group discourse at the regional and global level. The action plan includes the enhancement of peer learning to strengthen the provision of quick justice.

In recognition and review of the progress the group has made, the Fifth g7+ Ministerial Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal resulted in agreement on the strategic direction for the g7+. The Lisbon Communiqué includes a collective call for peace through dialogue and reconciliation in a number of g7+ countries including Afghanistan, Central African Republic, South Sudan and Yemen. Affirming the importance of self-reliance for sustaining peace and stability, the members agreed to establish a platform addressing the effective management of natural resources in member countries with abundant natural resources.

This report provides a brief overview of the progress made in 2019 toward the three strategic priorities; (1) Advocacy to promote the g7+ mission and create Policy Impact; (2) Strengthen Peer learning under Fragile to Fragile Cooperation and (3) Strengthening g7+ to serve as a platform in advancing the mission of peace and stability.