The g7+ is a group of fragile and conflict affected states, whowant to promote ownership and leadership on NEW DEAL process at the country level. The objective is to end conflict, state building and reduce poverty through innovative development. The group was established to work with International actors, private sectors, civil societies, media and everyone within the State as well as with neighbouring countries and other countries in the region to do a reform and came up with the new paradigm for the involvement of internationals.

The core mission of the g7+ is to promote peacebuilding and statebuilding as the foundations for transition out of the margins of conflict to the next stage of sustainable development. This is achieved through a process of country-owned and country-led dialogue and planning.

The group of g7+ has been working hard to bring the voice of fragile and conflict affected states up to the attention of global world. A number of efforts have been conducted including the initiation of “NEW DEAL”. After went through a number of lobbies and dialogue, finally ‘New Deal’ was endorsed at the 4 High Level Meeting for the Aid Effectiveness in Busan, South Korea in 2011. The New Deal has three important principles: PSG, FOCUS, and TRUST