Sierra Leone’s Vision for 2013 to 2035 is to become a middle-income country. It would be an inclusive, green country, with 80% of the population above the poverty line. It would have gender equality, a well-educated, healthy population, good governance and rule of law, well developed infrastructure, macroeconomic stability, with private-sector, export-led growth generating wide employment opportunities; there would be good environmental protection, and responsible natural resource exploitation.

After generally satisfactory experience with the Agenda for Change, 2008-12, Sierra Leone is now embarking on the Agenda for Prosperity (AfP), for social and economic development for 2013-18. Rapid expected growth in minerals production and export, together with the potential for petroleum exploitation, should provide resources to help transform the country and make the AfP feasible. Problems in implementing AfC have been carefully assessed, and measures developed to avoid them in the AfP.

Sierra Leone’s Agenda For Prosperity