Secretariat Publications

Secretariat Publications

g7+ Women Forum

The launching of the Bi-Annual g7+ Forum on Women, Resilience and Development was held on 30th November 2021 at the Lisbon Hub of the Permanent Delegation of the g7+ and online. This report summarizes the main issues presented and

Eminent Person of g7+ Speech - “the role of g7+ Countries for Peacebuilding” Waseda University

Waseda University

“Peacebuilding and Democratic Governance in an Era of Uncertainty”


THE NEXUS BETWEEN COVID-19 AND CONFLICT: Assessing the impacts of the pandemic on peace and development


Executive summary

As the global death toll from the ongoing COVID-19 passes two and a half million one year after the World Health Organization declared a pandemic, countries are b

g7+ Independent Review 2019

Executive Summary,

After nine years of its foundation, the g7+ faces a development agenda that is much different from before. If in 2010 the language was that of development effectiveness, now the group seems to have extrapolated that. T

South-South in Action Fragile-to-Fragile Cooperation (2018)

Executive Summary

Fragile-to-Fragile (or F2F) cooperation is the support that countries experiencing conflict or emerging from crisis provide to each other, including through peer learning, capacity build

Host Nations Views on UN Peace and Security Reform Proposals


The Secretary-General has put forward his initial ideas for UN peace and security architecture reform, based on the reviews of peace operations, peacebuilding and women, peace and security. The pr

Statebuilding in Conflict Affected and Fragile States: Comparative Study (2017)

Executive Summary

In conflict-affected or fragile states there is often a significant gap between what the state is ab

Strength in Fragility: We are writing our own History

Since its official formation in April 2010, the g7+ Group of Countries in a fragile situation has gained global attention, particularly as the acuteness of the challenges and issues in making development work in co

Aid Instrument for peace and statebuilding: Putting the New Deal into Practices (2016)

The New Deal and its implementation

In November 2011, at the 4th High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan South Korea, the international community endorsed “A New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States”, an agr