Looking further into 2018, the 16+ Forum aims to hold its second Annual Showcase in Freetown, Sierra Leone during October 2018. Opening with a focus on the host country, this Showcase would provide a platform to discuss successes and challenges in the Sierra Leonean experience, stemming from its Truth and Reconciliation Commission and as related to SDG 16+. As was the case in Tbilisi, the focus of all interventions is to be on the practical steps of implementation, as well as the value of scaling SDG 16+ related policies and programmes that are already in place and working. The provisional agenda is to be set, first and foremost, in partnership with Sierra Leone and relevant Ministries, but also in consultation with other 16+ Forum member states, civil society partners, and additional stakeholders, including partner SDG 16+ initiatives based in New York. Similarly, to the year before, the first day of this 3-day gathering will be dedicated to field visits. Days two and three will consist of plenary and breakout sessions. A civil society capacity-building workshop is also held directly in advance of the main conference. http://www.wfuna.org/16-forum-annual-showcase-2017


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