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Combattre l’ extrêmepauvreté d’ici 2030 : Comment le New Deal peut-il aider?

Le message du groupe g7+ de pays fragiles et affectés par des conflits est clair. Des solutions aux conflits et à la pauvreté ne peuventêstre efficaces sans qu’elles soient dirigées et possédées à l’échelonnational. Ceci risque de sem

Welcome To Our New Blog

Welcome To Our New g7plus Blog

Equip fragile and conflict-affected states to harness their tax potential

The proverb, “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day; teach him to fish and feed him for life” is old, but the emphasis on helping countries to help themselves, and fund their own development, has increased lately. Although I

Striking extreme poverty by 2030: How can the New Deal help?

The message of the  g7+group of conflict-affected and fragile countries is clear.Solutions to conflict and poverty only work when they are nationally-owned and led . That might seem obvious, but the international community has lea

Countries in conflict must lead peace process for World Humanitarian Summit to succeed

Let’s hope old habits don't get in the way of what is truly in the interests of people affected by conflict and crisis

World leaders will be gathering in Istanbul, Turkey this week during the 

Forging Coherence on Two Vital Agendas for Sustainable Peace and Development: the Agenda 2030

Exciting movements are underway in and around the United Nations for those of us concerned with issues of peace, and the global agendas seeking to operationalize, and realize, new frameworks and revitalized agendas to ensure a better world for all