We the representatives from Burundi, the Central African Republic, Chad, the DemocraticRepublic of Congo, Liberia, Nepal, the Solomon Islands, Sierra Leone, South Sudan and Timor- Leste, assembled for the g7+ Country Partners Meeting, gathered to signify the will of fragile states to reduce poverty, deter conflict and provide better conditions for the people of our nations.

We thank the international community for giving us the space to conduct this dialogue, share our experiences and learn from our lessons. This gives us a stronger voice to speak to the international community about our needs and circumstances.

Therefore, we recognize that to assist the development partners in designing their assistance to fragile states, we must take leadership and express a strong, long-term vision. This vision should be reflected in our national plans, which must guide donor intervention in our countries. We should also recognize that this transformation is a long process that takes time and requires flexible approaches that are sensitive to the stages of fragility and political context. The long-term vision will be set out in our development plans, frameworks and strategies.