New Deal Innovations - Aid instruments for peace and state building

Aid instruments for peace- and state-building: Putting the New Deal into practice.
The case studies presented in this g7+ report aim to contribute to efforts to address some of these challenges that have emerged in relation to pursuing implementation of the “New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States”. They focus on a range of innovative aid programmes and instruments which are in line with the New Deal principles and commitments, and draw out ten lessons for development partners and for g7+ members.

Overall, these case studies show that – from both a government and a development partner perspective – with political will and committed cooperation it is possible to develop innovative support modalities and programmes to support the New Deal principles, even in some of the most challenging development contexts. Furthermore, they illustrate that it is worth investing time and effort to take such initiatives forward as they can lead to more effective, country-owned and sustainable results.
It is hoped that these case studies will help to strengthen confidence in the New Deal as a vehicle for change and provide practical illustration for how its implementation can be taken forward by both development partners and g7+ member countries. This will in turn hopefully inspire development partners and g7+ members to work together more effectively to address the constraints relating to implementation of the New Deal.

Publication Date: 

Wed, Apr 20, 2016