g7+ Charter | Pathways towards Resilience

In May 2014 in Lomé, Togo, the g7+ Ministerial Forum agreed the g7+ Charter, further formalising the g7+ membership. In December 2013, the g7+ Secretariat was registered as an independent entity in Timor-Leste, where the g7+ Secretariat is located.

The Secretariat’s staff has been strengthened in order to better serve member countries and keep abreast of developments that affect the g7+, as well as to present opportunities for members to advocate for better international engagement in fragile states.


Outline of the document:
- Preamble
- Article i | Legal Status
- Article ii | Purpose
- Artilce iii | The Ministerial Forum
- Article iv | The Advisory Council
- Article v | Establishment of the g7+ Secretariat
- Article vi | Appointment of Secretariat Staff
- Article vii | Functions of the General Secretary
- Article viii | Functions of the Secretariat
- Article ix | Focal Points
- Article x | Funding of the g7+ and its organs
- Article xi | Privilegers and Immunities
- Article xii | Signature, Ratification and Entry into Force
- Article xiii | Registration of the Charter
- Article xiv | Adhesion and Accession
- Article xv | Cessation of Membership
- Article xvi | Ammendment of the Charter
- Article xvii | Miscellaneous
- Signature Pages

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Publication Date: 

Wed, Apr 20, 2016