Proposed core messages from g7+ to the World Humanitarian Summit Istanbul in Turkey

May 19, 2016

1. We support the UNSG call in his report “One humanity-Shared Responsibility” to the 5 core priorities, i.e. 1. political leadership to prevent and end conflicts; 2. uphold the norms that safeguard humanity; 3. leave no one behind; 4. change people’s lives — from delivering aid to ending need; and 5. invest in humanity.

2. As we g7+ reiterated in the Kabul Communique of the 4th g7+ Ministerial meeting:

o Country-led and country-owned reconciliation efforts should be prioritized over any other means of addressing conflict. We believe that the state (its constitution and institutions that are responsive to the needs of its citizens within its unique context) should maintain its supremacy.

o While Peace and economic and social development are contingent on each other for economic and social progress, we need sound economic foundations with a specific focus on job creation, infrastructure improvement and private sector development to sustain peace and resilience.

o We unanimously remind the world leaders to ensure that countries affected by conflict and fragility are not left behind and hence should be assisted with context-sensitive support.

3. The New Deal for engagement in fragile situations which is endorsed by the members of International Dialogue for Peacebuilding and Statebuilding (IDPS), sets out principles for better engagement in fragile situations and these principles are still valid as reconfirmed in the Stockholm Declaration of the IDPS.

o The execution of what the UNSG calls in “One humanity-shared responsibility” requires a reconsideration of international norms specially those guiding development and humanitarian intervention in crisis situations. More ownership should be vested in state institutions and its people while defining and addressing development and social problems in these countries.

o Development aid should strengthen the state institutions rather than substituting them.