February 2015 g7+ Newsletter


From January thru March, the g7 + Secretariat has undertaken various networking and outreach activities with the main focus being on the advancement of g7+ ideas and strategic agenda in the global policy forum that will affect member states, both directly and indirectly. Here are the highlights: In order to cast a look into 2015, Dr. Helder da Costa, General Secretary discussed the role of good governance, and the rule of law within the post-2015 Agenda, by participating in the High Level Podium Discussion: Dignity and Justice for AllPost-2015 Agenda and Good Governance, organized by KAS and hosted by Davor Stier, Member of European Parliament in Brussels. Additionally, the Deputy General Secretary of the g7+, Habib Mayar presented at the World Bank Fragility Forum in Washington DC (11- 13/02/2015). This forum is considered important for g7+, as it aims to explore trends, challenges, and opportunities to exchange views and experiences and to increase the effectiveness of development efforts carried out in fragile states and conflict situations

The WB Fragility Forum 2015 set a major theme: “Redefining Fragility, to End Poverty”, Attended by over than 1000 practitioners worldwide during this focus to issues of fragility, conflict and violence. As a platform with the main focus on policy advocacy, Deputy General Secretary of the g7+, Habib Mayar, emphasized the importance of: capable institutions to ensure the sustainability of such initiatives. In addition, lack of capacity to measure and assess the wealth in the form of natural resources that have resulted in unfair contracts and arrangements with the investors and corporations that costs us billions of dollars of loss every year was also highlighted.

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