The g7+ met World Bank/IMF Meeting in Lima, 2015

Oct 11, 2015

g7+ Ministers met in group with the World Bank president, Dr.Jim Yong Kim and his vice presidents during the world Bank/IMF annual meeting in Lima, Peru on 11 September 2015. During the meeting, the chair of the g7+, H.E. Kaifala Marah thanked Dr. Kim for his continued support for the countries affected by conflict and fragility. Underlining the concentration of the extreme poverty in Fragile and conflict countries which can risk the achievement of shared prosperity, he emphasized on conceptualized and country sensitive support for these countries. Reiterating the importance of countries leadership, the g7+ committed to lead the monitoring of the SDGs so that conflict affected countries are not left underreported. 

Emphasizing on the policy coherence of the Bank with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) framework, the g7+ further asked the bank for double and dual actions to promote the private sector through investment in infrastructure. Particularly the IFC and MIGA of the Bank group have to should step forward and take more robust approach to support the conflict affected countries. 

Dr. Kim reassured g7+ of his continued support and engagement with the group. He welcomed the g7+ intention to establish SDG tracking and monitoring tool and ensured Bank's support to this initiative. He said that the Bank is increasing its focus on countries affected by conflict and fragility. Infrastructure is the core of that support. He encouraged the g7+ to help the WB team and design innovative ways to invest in these countries. The Bank Management assured of their readiness to work with the g7+ until the spring meeting in 2016 and explore how Bank support to infrastructure can be further improved. 

The g7+ through its secretariat and the Bank team will work together until April 2016 to explore actionable ideas of innovation which can be decided upon by both sides.